Piquant Trainer Sex Basics EN S60v2

Piquant Trainer: Sex basics is a spicy application that will arouse new energy in your sexual life and raise your sexual knowledge to a higher level! Two groups of basic sexual poses will provide theoretical knowledge that you can instantly use in practice! To achieve the best results keep practicing as often as you can! Each pose has something unique and teaches you how to give ultimate pleasure to your partner. Remember that all pleasure you give will come back multiplied! All sexual poses are illustrated with photos of stunning girls getting ready for the action…

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Shinobi Tolerance s60v2

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Whac a Mole s60V2

So simple, yet so addictive. Moles pop out of their holes and your task is to hit them as hard as you can, sending them back to where they came from. Who hasn’t played Whac-a-Mole at least once in their life, and who hasnt loved it to bits so much as to wanting one in their own living room? Now everyone can have their own Whac-a-mole game, wherever they want. Hit the moles, block their holes with corks and beat the clever animals in this fantastic new mobile version, filled with lots of different game modes. Whac the moles!!!!
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Sponge Bob Squarepants Bikini Bottom Pursuit

SpongeBob in Bikini Bottom Pursuit is the newest adventure of fun character on television. In this game you must help SpongeBob to get rid of many a jam and get to work on time! This mission is not easy because some enemies will mess up and will try to capture him. Use all your skill to escape from their enemies and count with the help of his friends, Patrick, Sandy and Gary in this frantic chase.

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Heavy Weapon s60v2 EN

A Tribute to the Eighties; salt fever of classic shooter in a fierce battle against the invading Soviets. Prepare the gun on your tank! The best of arcade action! Take control of your tank and fill the sky with lethal projectiles to destroy the enemy and his antitank missiles. Explosive atmospheres, extraordinary bosses, growing power of fire, numerous upgrades. all the ingredients of the best shooters together to ensure hours of non-stop action! Challenge and fun assured, deploy on the front line and fight!

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